Monday, December 27, 2010


i might have the lone post of 2010.

Monday, December 21, 2009

I am dreaming, of a white, Christmas...

Hello everybody who actually comes to this blog, I am back again! haha considering it's been more than 6 mths since I posted anything, I am sureone or two of you missed my entries to entertain you guys. I am actually at the business school (in good old cold oxford) and I am supposed to be studying! But of course i m epicly failing at doing that, and it's ok! Because I am sian and bored and a tad lonely because i have to study alone, i miss my mugging buddies of rj :(

Ok enough of depressing me, How is everyone? will be nice if u can blog here, even better if u can write me an email to spice up my depressing December. Ok la it;s not thatt bad, seeing snow is always quite fun tho the post-snow damage is quite a disaster. I hope noone else (like dani/guanghao) is getting stuck at airports or getting flights cancelled. do u know that some ppl get stuck in a tunnel from london to paris for like, 6 hrs, just because the train couldnt move because the engine breaks down? tt'slike our dearest singapore version of london eye (cant rmb wad it's called) getting jammed for 6hrs, in the dark

hai global warming. i don really know much abt copenhagen other than tt it's an epic failure, as evidenced by 8% fall in carbon permits trading. see? u know issues through financial times, so econs is actually quite a good degree, minus the saving lives part i guess. there's a gd chance i will end up working for a bank so pls dont slam me for goldman's bonuses, i kinda wish i can get that too hahahaha ok this is getting lame so i shall stop here..

i just went to look through my email account (the one tt i don check but gets council mails) and true enough the absence of poon meant no makan noobs this year! how sad right, i guess medics jus finished their exams and have a one day break so there isnt much of a moood for food trails or major meet ups. on the bright side, i will be back in er, 9 mths! haha actually i will probably work in indonesia so yeah i will make at least mthly trips to singapore, then when zhang jun is free/back since she will b back in 6mths time too, we can have major gatherings at her place again! or wadever la, pls make sure tt u try to meet me when i do come by sg, considering most of u wouldnt have seen me for like, a year?

ok back to my notes for er 30 mins before lunch time :) i m damn sad la, eating cold sandwiches because they are the cheapest and readily available options, warm meals will involve going out into the cold, which kinda defeats the purpose right? okok ciao ppl, merry christmas and happy new year 2010!! :D

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Guess who's back :D

Not in Sg unfortunately.. haha it's a pleasant surprise to come to the blog once in a while to find a picture uploaded, or a short blog entry, at least we knoe this blog is alive to some ppl and yeah considering some of u guys r going to meet e 29ths soon, it's been 4 yrs since we survived the torrids of heaven n hell :)

It's past 12am in oxford now and I just spent the day trying to mug, quite successfully i guess considering i have been playing for quite some time. spent a week in Junli's place btw but too bad boss is away at a christian conference, but yeah boss apparently did the Ra Ra Ra Ra Ffles!! on my last night hahaha miss hearing the cheers and match supports, but I guess I shd b able to hear it once in a while in 2 yrs time..

That's of course, if I end up going back to Sg. Quite sad la, i think this summer is mostly spent in Indonesia and not Sg, though I will try to come back and as usual force u guys to accomodate me in council gatherings! Any days in mind anyone? I wont mind a short trip away to Redang or smthing if Guanghao or someone plans :D

I think it's been like half a yr or more since my blog entry, so contrary to Denise's and Nat's beliefs, the blog is not mine lol i like going to read Chinghui's blog once in a while, always looking out for familar names and pictures and being lucky at times :) Ok la I think I shall go to bed, this being a subdued entry lol take care everyone! Havent received an email from any of u in absolute ages, but then again everyone's busy leading their lives hah enjoy going back to council camp and all e mini reunions at Chompx2

Wish I can be there :)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

random blog update

hello guys! heres a rare blog entry on the council blog from me... :D

anyway im now back in rj doing relief teaching (together with chengchai) and there are many changes around school, so ill post them here to update everyone who misses school haha.

anyway, the house system is well in place, and now each house has a house crest with a house animal. i dont think this part is new, but the next part is. the house crest is printed on a house flag. once a week (or maybe twice, i never really pay attention), during flag raising, the house flags will be raised alongside the singapore flag and the college flag. yes, there are now 5 poles on the parade square to the left of the singapore and college flag poles.

announcements are also no longer made at the science labs, but instead, at the level 3 empty walkway, so the students wont have to turn 90 degrees to listen to announcements, then turn back to face the flags to sing the anthem. there is a proper podium-like area constructed there now.

the lockers in the whole school are all revamped too. and now the lockers are all nice and new and coloured, according to the 5 house colours. yes, that means lockers are categorised by houses. two of the houses (if im not wrong its MT and another house) have their lockers on the first floor, outside the council room area. the remaining houses' lockers are located on the fourth floor. this arrangement can be quite unfair, and it seems to be permanent since the lockers dont seem to be movable, so i dont think theyll do a house-locker rotation kind of thing.

theres also a newly opened pond, known as the raffles biodiversity pond. (doesnt sound very original to me). haha... theres a mini waterfall and also a small wooden bridge that allows you to get close to the pond. in addition, theres a small wooden pavillion just beside the pond, for those who feel that listening to the flow of water is therapeautic or a good form of destressing.

and heres a little update about whats going on in school right now.

in school, the elections for the 29th students council is ongoing. they have completed the peer/self nomination stage, and just concluded the interviews stage. prior to the elections, there was a board set up in the canteen (placed conspicuously), featuring all the 28ths, each having a column on their own to say what council means to them. i felt that it was quite a nice idea.

anyway, as a teacher, i get to, or rather, have to write comments for all the students that i teach, and evaluate their suitability as a councillor. i teach 5 classes, so theres actually quite a lot of students that i have to evaluate. im not sure how much the teachers' comments count but it was a nice feeling to be able to be part of the elections process and to have a say in deciding who some of our future 29ths will be. there are some potential candidates from my class so i hope theyll make it through and be my great grandbuddy haha.

when school reopens in a week's time, the list of candidates that make it for campaigning stage will be released, and then there will be campaigning and subsequently the 29ths will be elected. and so, that means council camp will be coming soon too! :D

haha... hope you guys are suitably entertained by this random blog update by me!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Kwan!

Just like a natural.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Amelia!


Koped off Amelia's facebook albums... =)

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Charmaine's 21st

Photos by datou